The Feedback Loop

I have learned it takes practice to do well at the things you want in life. But how do you know what to practice? In an era where everyone is very PC about losing. It is hard to provide constructive feedback – Do you say something nice and then “BUT” or a more aggressive approach. We all provide feedback and it might not always come out the way you want. Paying attention to constructive feedback with you family, friends, and peers is very important. It can teach you how to fail and get back up and try it again.

TALKING THROUGH THE FEEDBACK LOOP is the best way to find a PATH to do better. When starting the conversation these 3 questions help. You can use this at work, sports, school, home and much more. The feedback loop and the desire to get back up and try it another way leads to success.

  1. Were you PREPARED?
  2. Did you WORK your hardest?
  3. What do YOU need to DO to improve?

The stakes are big for everyone that DOES something NEW and constructive feedback is key. I relate feedback to ripping off the Band-Aid. It hurts for a second but gets better with time. If you don’t listen to what you need to improve at to get a better results, then you will never KNOW what you need to do to improve “And knowing is half the battle.”. Then you have to DO IT.

Were you?

  • PREPARED: Did you get a good night’s rest? Did you eat well? Did you set aside the time to practice or work at it? If you can say yes to these items, your half-way there.
  • WORK: Did you work your hardest (Own it) 100%? Did you work harder than your peers? Where you a REACTOR or an INITIATOR? 90% of people are reactors and only 10% are initiators.
    Positive vibes/ initiators = Positive reactions!
  • PIVOT: Learn what to improve.

The other half of the battle is DOING IT and holding yourself ACCOUNTABLE. If you really want it YOU can do it. So take a page from Franklin D. Roosevelt

“It is common sense to take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something.”
― Franklin D. Roosevelt, Looking Forward

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