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Synergy Consulting Engineers are specialized leaders and Commissioning Providers maximizing building performance through comprehensive facility engineering that integrates innovation, technology, and training.

Using this CORE VISION, Synergy has been growing at a rapid pace since starting in 2005. Investing in PEOPLE and TECHNOLOGY have been key to this growth and expansion over the past 2 years. One of the ways they are investing is by teaming up with The Office Coffee Shop (OCS) in 2014 to first design their Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Systems, and then to use OCS as their office. This allowed them to expand their services to Metro Detroit and Ann Arbor – while keeping down the cost down to grow their business.

At Synergy, we are more than a team. We are a family of experts who thrive on idea generation, process, and project completion. We are there for one another every step of the way. And, we’re not afraid to pull away from the mundane of the work day and go wakeboarding or hunting.

In early 2016, Synergy created Facility Health Inc. (FHI) to drive the technology side of the business because it takes more than an idea to develop a product.

FHI is about Asset Life Cycle care and working to reduce your facility’s Energy Consumption. Who doesn’t want to save energy, and save money? Through their resources at Synergy, FHI’s combined software and engineering professional services solution provides a dynamic analysis of assets that will enable you to move from a reactive to a predictive maintenance strategy. Unlike other assessments, their Dynamic Facility Condition Assessment proprietary algorithms will track and update the “health” of your facility from day one. This will reduce operational costs, allow you to implement a strategic energy management plan, and more accurately forecast and deploy precious capital dollars.

Teamwork is the essence of our character and longstanding relationships with building owners and operators, design professionals, and contractors are the cornerstone of our success. Check us out on LinkedIn and our blog so you have a wealth of expert information and advice at your fingertips.


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